What It Really Costs To Live In Seoul, Korea (Part 1: Rent)

When I moved to Seoul, Korea over six years ago, I was pretty naive and knew little about the rental market. I found a realtor on Craigslist and was basically like “I’ll take whatever you’ve got.” I literally took the first apartment that was shown to me and therefore extremely overpaid the landlord for one whole … Continue reading What It Really Costs To Live In Seoul, Korea (Part 1: Rent)

Review – March Monthly Goal

Overall, it was a really good month, financial-wise, but I'm a little bit disappointed that I didn't meet all my March goals. I used my credit to pay for some classes on Udemy. I decided to keep my brain active and in tip-top shape by learning new skills on a regular basis.  I already finished a … Continue reading Review – March Monthly Goal

March Monthly Goal

Can you believe it? It's already March 2018! This year is flying by fast! This month will be better financially since I'll be working non-stop this month. I'm scheduled to work over 200 hours, which means a higher paycheck. Many people will find the hours quite intensive, however, I love my job (I will talk … Continue reading March Monthly Goal