May 2018 Monthly Goal

May 2018 Goals: Cook at home more. Instead of ordering take-out or delivery I'm going to cook my meals. I realized that I would eat out on the weekends because I didn't have anything to eat at home. I would usually go grocery shopping Sunday evenings so when Saturday rolls around, there's usually nothing in my fridge. … Continue reading May 2018 Monthly Goal

10 Money & Life Goals I’m Working Towards In My 30s

Last month, I celebrated my 32nd birthday. I’m not really a big birthday person since I don't like the attention. My usual celebration is a quiet and simple dinner at home or dinner with my closest friends. And that is what I did. I had a small gathering at my home eating an American BBQ … Continue reading 10 Money & Life Goals I’m Working Towards In My 30s

Review – March Monthly Goal

Overall, it was a really good month, financial-wise, but I'm a little bit disappointed that I didn't meet all my March goals. I used my credit to pay for some classes on Udemy. I decided to keep my brain active and in tip-top shape by learning new skills on a regular basis.  I already finished a … Continue reading Review – March Monthly Goal

Minimalism Challenge (completed)

Completed! I was able to complete the March Minimalism Challenge (31 days) with ease. I didn't realize how much non-essential things I had stored in boxes, cupboards and drawers, closets, and my medicine cabinet. I got a lot of criticism on why I was partaking in this challenge. A lot of people questioned why I … Continue reading Minimalism Challenge (completed)