So, I Have Two Dogs. And This Is What It Cost.


If you are following me on any form of social media, you would know that I’m a dog fanatic. I have to rescue dogs named Teddy, a brown miniature poodle, and Cooper, a white toy poodle.

Currently, both dogs suffer from anxiety, and it’s been quite the challenge leaving the apartment. Teddy spent his first year living in a pet hospital with no interaction with other dogs. Teddy has separation anxiety and has difficulty when he is left alone. Cooper, on the other hand, had a previous owner but was dumped and abandoned in front of an apartment complex in January 2018 in the cold. When I adopted Cooper, his teeth were filthy, and he couldn’t control his bladder.

On the bright side of things, Teddy is one of the most playful and energetic dogs I’ve encountered. It’s a shame that I don’t have a backyard for him to play. He loves people and also enjoys being the center of attention. In contrast, Cooper is very timid and enjoys being by my side.


Before I adopted both dogs, I knew it would cost a lot of money, and that was part of my hesitation. Also, my apartment was and is still small with no access to a backyard making it challenging to have a dog in my life. Things weren’t “perfectly ready,” money-wise when I finally decided to adopt Teddy, but things never are. I just saw his picture in the pet database and knew I had to get him. At that time, I was a freelancer, so I knew I had the time to raise Teddy.

I thought I’d share you a breakdown of what it cost me to take care of my two little rascals. The numbers will give you a general idea of how much it cost for me to have two dogs.

Estimated Breakdown:

Dog: $300 ($150 per dog). This was the initial price paid to the veterinarian to adopt Teddy and Cooper. This price included the first set of vaccinations, microchip and neuter fees.

Scheduled vet trips: $85 per dog. Annual check-up and booster shots.

Hair salon: $120 ($60 per poodle every three months). Yes, I know. It’s costly, but I’m not confident in trimming their hair. I’ve already butchered Cooper’s hair.

Food/snacks/vitamins: $60 per month. I feed both dogs high-quality kibble. And since they are quite small, they don’t consume as much. I also add chicken breast to their dinner bowls once or twice a week. I also give them a few vitamins each night.

Crate: $100 (for 2 crates). They are both undergoing training for their big flight in August.

Dog bed: $25 per bed

Other: $20 per month. This cost is for miscellaneous things that I don’t buy on a regular basis. For example, toothpaste, eye pads, ear pads, etc.

The complete feeling of joy when I see their adorable faces: PRICELESS

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