3 Little Rules I’m Doing to Make My Weekends Feel Productive

Excuse my language, but weekends are fucking great. When Friday rolls around, I get super excited.  As much as I love my job, standing for more than 10 hours a day takes a toll on my body. I love getting that extra hour of sleep, drinking my morning coffee while listening to music, choosing to binge watch an entire season of a TV show or drama, playing with the puppies, catching up with friends, or just doing absolutely nothing.

Since becoming a corporate trainer for a large conglomerate, weekends became the only time where I can focus on myself and get some rest. With that being said, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought, Damn, I didn’t accomplish anything this weekend. What a waste! 

In the last past few weeks, I have been implementing some simple rules to help me feel productive during the weekends. Of course, I did have my couch potato moments. Here’s my list.


1. Don’t make a to-do list with more than five tasks that you’ll never stick to. Instead, focus on one big task you want to tackle.

I end every Friday by making a to-do list for the weekend. I used to regularly make a giant list of things I wanted to accomplish over the weekend. These things were chores (house and work chores) that I would do on a routine basis. I made myself believe that I was very “productive.”  However, forcing myself to do things I don’t feel like doing was a waste of time. If I feel like relaxing, I should be able just to read and watch some TV. If I have extra energy, then great, I can do more things around the house.

I learned that I should scrap the idea of a to-do list since it wasn’t really working. It just stressed me out thinking of the 10+ things I needed to finish days end. I realized that maybe a manageable list of ONE or TWO things that I know I can get done would be better. Chores like wiping the kitchen countertops shelves, vacuuming, laundry, watering the plants, cleaning the bathroom, etc. are things that I do almost every 2-3 days. So why should I put them on my list? Instead, I would put ONE big task like cleaning out the refrigerator, searching for expired food, purging my closet for old clothes, etc. will now go on my one-task list. Once I complete that tasks, I can do what I please. If I want to keep doing more chores, then I can continue. If not, then I can unwind and do something fun and enjoyable.

I got this idea from one of my favorite YouTubers: Vested Interests.  

2. Grocery shop on Saturday morning.

This is something I’m starting this month. Before lunch, I plan to visit the local market to buy some fresh produce. Trying to get there before the Korean ‘ahjumma’ rush is a must. If you live in Korea, you know what I’m talking about. During this time, no one is at the market. I guess everyone is resting from their work week or their drunken shenanigans from the day before. All the fruits and veggies are the freshest, and I can shop in peace without being trampled by the hoards of discount-crazed shoppers. Sunday is even worse. That’s the day where parents take out their children.

Today was the first time I visited the market in the morning, and now I feel accomplished. Shopping first thing Saturday has other benefits as well. Since I bought food, I wouldn’t need to order any takeout. I usually get my favorite food delivered to my home if I have nothing at home, so having fresh fruit and veggies available at all times will help me financially, but also make me healthier. For instance, ordering or eating out would cost me around $10-$20 each time. Today I went out and spent less than $20 for fresh fruit and vegetables. I bought broccoli, carrots, apples, melon, bananas, yogurt, eggs, salad dressing, and so on.

3. Shower/wash up and change your clothes right when you wake up. 

An excellent way to start your day is to wash up and get out off your jammies. Maybe it’s just me, but once I change out of my pajamas, I become less “sluggish.” This is something that I began to do in 2012 as a graduate student. I had to start my day early (even during the summer break) to study, and the only way for me to not feel like a zombie is to take a shower and dress in casual clothes.

How do you stay productive on the weekend?


Photo Credit: liinallida

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