What Is the Average Credit Score in America? Where Do I Stack Up?

The other day, a colleague I was hanging out with shared his credit score with me. This talk reminded me that I need to get an update on my score. I’ve been living in Korea for the past six years and neglected to check my credit score on a regular basis.

Now that I’m getting older, I know it’s time to work hard at building the kind of financial flexibility I want for myself. To me, being in my 30’s is a huge turning point where I need to rid myself of whatever irresponsible behavior I was clinging to, and refuse to be a hindrance to my financial health. Remember my end goal is to live a simple free life.

Credit Score UpdateWell… my new score is 760 for Transunion and 758 for Equifax. I noticed that one of my credit accounts automatically closed due to inactivity. What a bummer! A longer history shows you have more experience using credit, so this closure probably lowered my score.


As you can see from the picture above, I’m considered to be in the top 40%. Although I’m rated as having excellent credit, I’m going to work hard to break into the 800s by mid- 2019. I’m really set on improving my credit score since I’m planning on purchasing or leasing a car in August of this year (moving back to the states) and finding an apartment to rent.

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