Review – March Monthly Goal

Overall, it was a really good month, financial-wise, but I’m a little bit disappointed that I didn’t meet all my March goals. I used my credit to pay for some classes on Udemy. I decided to keep my brain active and in tip-top shape by learning new skills on a regular basis.  I already finished a course on HR and now, I’m taking a class on credit analysis. I’m now debating taking an SQL boot camp course.  Nowadays, many organizations are seeking specialists with SQL knowledge, so having at least the basics down is somewhat important. Maybe it’ll make me stand out?

  1. Don’t use my credit cards. FAIL. My credit balance went down, but I did use my credit card to purchase some things.
  2. Put $500 towards a home down paymentSUCCESS. 
  3. Lower my debt by $1000. FAIL. I think I lowered my debt by $600-$700.
  4. Add $500 to my emergency fund. SUCCESS.
  5. Finish the 31 Day Minimalism Challenge. SUCCESS.

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