Weekly Check-in

Sunday (3/25)
₩19,840 – I bought hazelnut instant coffee (hazelnut), apple tea, and pure calamansi juice. I’m adding the calamansi juice to my daily intake of water. Korea is battling a fine dust problem, so I’m drowning myself with water and fruit (I’m trying to flush out all the toxins). These drinks should last 2 months.

Monday (3/26)
No Spend Day!!! 

Tuesday (3/27)
No Spend Day!!! 

Wednesday (3/28)
No Spend Day!!!

Thursday (3/29)
No Spend Day!!!

Friday (3/30)
₩13,000 – Coreanos!

₩5,000 – Coffee
₩22,820 – Hung out with my coworkers.
₩5,000 – Snack from convenience store.

Saturday (3/31)
No Spend Day!!!

#No Spend Days
Current: 16
Goal: 15

Weekly total: ₩65,660
Monthly total: ₩361,677

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