Minimalism Challenge (completed)

Completed! I was able to complete the March Minimalism Challenge (31 days) with ease. I didn’t realize how much non-essential things I had stored in boxes, cupboards and drawers, closets, and my medicine cabinet.

I got a lot of criticism on why I was partaking in this challenge. A lot of people questioned why I discarded “useful items” like blankets, hangers, nail clippers, clipboards, etc. They thought I was trying to be cool and trendy by following this trend of having fewer possessions.

This challenge wasn’t about decluttering and thinning out all my possessions, but it was to apply minimalism to my life. I wanted to connect to the past and link to the future and not focus on things that don’t bring me happiness and to stop focusing comparing my life with others. My goal is to stop placing value on things like appearances or perceived fame and concentrate instead on living a meaningful life.

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