Weekly Check-in

Sunday (3/11)
₩12,500 – Brunch with a friend.
₩44,937 – Went to the market and bought some groceries. I bought apples, Jeju Mandarin oranges (5 for ₩10,000), 4 hallabong, almond milk (24 small cartons), coffee, and ingredients for dinner (beef bulgogi).
₩9,500 – Chicken night (split with a friend)

Monday (3/12)
₩4,500 – Like always, I picked up two triangle kimbap and Starbucks coffee from the convenience store.

Tuesday (3/13)
No Spend Day!!! 

Wednesday (3/14)
No Spend Day!!!

Thursday (3/15)
No Spend Day!!!

Friday (3/16)
₩9,750 – Had dinner with a friend.
₩22,160 – I bought diaper pads for Cooper since he still has accidents. He is improving, but he still suffers from submissive anxiety. I also bought a tray of 24 steamed eggs.

Saturday (3/17)
₩5,000 – Snacks for movies. I watched three movies at home: Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Clueless, and Bad Mothers.
₩20,500 – I planned to eat dinner home but I ended up eating Vietnamese food.

No Spend Days
Current: 7
Goal: 15

Weekly total: ₩139,847
Monthly total: ₩233,147

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