Weekly Check-in 2018

Sunday (3/4)
₩25,000 – Visited my hair salon for my monthly haircut.
₩21,000 – Went to a shabu shabu restaurant with a friend. It was all-you-can-eat. I kind of regretted going there because the meat quality was quite poor. I paid an additional ₩6,000 for unlimited meat. I would’ve been content with the extensive vegetable menu which was ₩15,000).

Monday (3/5)
₩6,300 – Before going to work, I picked up two triangle kimbap, Starbucks coffee, and two boiled eggs from the convenience store (the company doesn’t provide breakfast on Monday so I need to eat).

Tuesday (3/6)
No Spend Day!!! 

Wednesday (3/7)
No Spend Day!!!

Thursday (3/8)
No Spend Day!!!

Friday (3/9)
₩11,000 – I was planning to cook my dinner when I got home from work, but my laziness got to me. Instead, I ordered take-out.

Saturday (3/10)
No Spend Day!!! – I’m currently doing the 31-Day Minimalist Challenge, so I spent a few hours cleaning my apartment. I got rid of 10 things and did some laundry and vacuuming. After that, I went on a mini hike with my two kids and had dinner at home.

I was able to have four No Spend Days this week! Let’s see if I can keep this up. My goal is to have 15 NS Days this month. Four down, eleven to go.

Weekly total: ₩63,300 
Monthly total: ₩104,300

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