March Monthly Goal

Can you believe it? It’s already March 2018! This year is flying by fast! This month will be better financially since I’ll be working non-stop this month. I’m scheduled to work over 200 hours, which means a higher paycheck. Many people will find the hours quite intensive, however, I love my job (I will talk about my job in a later post).

March 2018 Goals:

  1. Don’t use my credit cards. This is self-explanatory. The balance of my credit cards should decrease and not increase.
  2. Put $500 towards a home down payment. I’m planning to buy a residence once I return to the US. I’m not sure where I’m going to move to yet. However, I feel that I should have some money earmarked for the down payment.
  3. Lower my debt by $1000. Again this is self-explanatory. My goal is to have no debt by the end of the year. I plan to increase this in the future.
  4. Add $500 to my emergency fund. I started an emergency fund. Just in case something happens, I’d be able to access funds immediately.
  5. Finish the 31 Day Minimalism Challenge. So far I’m five days in. I’ve donated and got rid of 15 items in my home.

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