No Spending Day!

I’m going to get into the habit of having more “No Spending (NS) Days.” Currently, I have 3 NS Days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. During these days, I don’t spend a dime.  My bank accounts are in total lockdown. No Starbucks coffee, no trips to the convenience store, and definitely no delivery food! I can probably save $80 a week by doing this.

It definitely helps that my company provides free meals during the work week (except for Monday breakfast and Friday dinner). I work and live in my company’s training center, so everything is provided, meals, coffee and snacks, and accommodation. The meals prepared are all nutritionist-approved, so I don’t have to worry about getting fat. I just have to worry about indulging myself to the unlimited side dishes and rice that the cafeteria serves.  Occasionally, I will buy some fruit (hallabongs or tangerines) and take it with me to work if I’m craving it.

This year, I made it a goal of mine to pay off all my credit card debt this year, so deciding to add two more No Spending Day this month will help me achieve it.

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