My living expenses in Korea

I really want to share how much my fixed expenses are in Korea.  My lifestyle is quite different from most expats here in Korea. Most expats here are either young, teachers or exchange students, who will stay here for one to two years max. Some come here to travel, party, or stalk their favorite K-pop celebrities. As for me, I’m a little bit older at 31 and not really into nightlife activities. I pretty much passed my “party” phase years ago. I would rather just hang out with a few friends at a restaurant or just relax at home. I’ve been here for more than six years so I’m pretty much settled here.

I’m estimating everything because I don’t really record all my transactions. Maybe I will start recording my expenses so that you can see how much I spend on a daily basis.

  • Food/groceries/coffee – ₩100,000~200,000
    • All my meals are provided at work from Monday to Friday, which means I can save a lot of money! However, I do splurge on the weekends.
  • Transportation – ₩20,000~₩30,000
    • I’m basically on a “business trip” every week. I usually stay at that location from Monday to Friday. My company provides a free shuttle to the location on Monday and then back to Seoul on Friday.
  • Rent – ₩500,000
    • The total rent is ₩900,000. This includes my maintenance fee and internet/cable. It’s a two bedroom apartment, so I’m renting out one of the rooms to a friend of mine.
  • Gas: ₩15,000~₩60,000
    • The amount depends on the season.
  • Electricity: ₩10,000~₩60,000
    • Again, the amount depends on the season.
  • Water – ₩7,500
    • I pay about ₩15,000 every other month.
  • Phone – ₩50,000
    • Unlimited data, no contract
    • I use an “old” Samsung Galaxy S7.
  • Pet food – ₩70,000
    • I have 2 rescue dogs. One miniature poodle named Teddy and a toy poodle named Cooper.
  • Entertainment/games/books – ₩50,000~₩100,000
    • I usually buy 1 book a month and go out with friends 2-3 times a month. I don’t watch movies in the theaters.
  • Haircut – ₩25,000
    • I get a haircut every month. This is a little expensive for a basic haircut, but I really my salon’s service.
  • Condo – ₩330,000
    • I bought a condo in the Philippines in October 2015. I’m currently paying the down payment. The condo will be completed later this year.


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