Focusing on my financials

I’ve decided to use this blog to record and outline my financial goals. I got really inspired by reading other financial blogs and seeing ordinary people succeed. For me, it’s good to have my financial profile out to the public – no more secrets (debt, income, savings plan, etc.). It makes me feel good that I’m actively working to improve my way of life. I’ll still create posts and answer questions about my life in Korea.

Brief information about me:

  • I live in Seoul, Korea
  • I’m a long-term resident (F-2-7 visa).
  • I have an MBA from a Korean university.
  • I’m working as a corporate trainer.
  • My annual salary is about ₩60,000,000 ($55,500 USD) before taxes.

My financial profile:

  • I have no student loans.
  • I have about $10,605 (USD) in credit card debt (interest rate is about 3%).
  • I have ₩30,797,091 ($28,459.11) in stocks.
  • I have about ₩4,500,000 ($4,158.52) in my checking account.
  • I have ₩15,000,000 ($13,860.58) deposited with my landlord. I will get this back once my housing contract ends (January 2019).

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