Minimalism Challenge (completed)

Completed! I was able to complete the March Minimalism Challenge (31 days) with ease. I didn't realize how much non-essential things I had stored in boxes, cupboards and drawers, closets, and my medicine cabinet. I got a lot of criticism on why I was partaking in this challenge. A lot of people questioned why I … Continue reading Minimalism Challenge (completed)

Weekly Check-in

Sunday (3/11) ₩12,500 - Brunch with a friend. ₩44,937 - Went to the market and bought some groceries. I bought apples, Jeju Mandarin oranges (5 for ₩10,000), 4 hallabong, almond milk (24 small cartons), coffee, and ingredients for dinner (beef bulgogi). ₩9,500 - Chicken night (split with a friend) Monday (3/12) ₩4,500 - Like always, I … Continue reading Weekly Check-in

Weekly Check-in 2018

Sunday (3/4) ₩25,000 - Visited my hair salon for my monthly haircut. ₩21,000 - Went to a shabu shabu restaurant with a friend. It was all-you-can-eat. I kind of regretted going there because the meat quality was quite poor. I paid an additional ₩6,000 for unlimited meat. I would've been content with the extensive vegetable … Continue reading Weekly Check-in 2018